Welcome back to the New Year!

Sorry I've been so derelict in this blogging enterprise.  It's a new year now, and I'm resolving to write more. (Lucky you!)

The latter half of 2010 was a doozy for me, personally.  There were joyous moments, to be sure, but on the whole, I'm very happy for this fresh start.

As many of you are heading back to "real life" today, as the holidays come to a close.  I hope that they were a restful and joyous time for you and your loved ones.

To start our year on a courageous footing, I want to share a song that my friend Lori shared with me a few weeks ago, as certain things in my life were coming to a head.  It gave me courage and solace when I needed some.  So, if you need a little of those things in your life today, I hope this little song can provide.

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