Excited for New Neighbors

Here at Cream City Green, we're very excited about the new pub going in around the corner from us.  The Riverwest Public House will be Milwaukee's only cooperatively owned bar.  Slated to open in March, the Public House will occupy the former Sayleece's space at 815 E. Locust.  While we never had any problems with the patrons from Sayleece's, they did tend to make the neighborhood noisy and raucous when entering and leaving the bar.  We're hoping that the neighborhood clientele of the Public House will be a bit more conscientious of the neighborhood.

More importantly, though, we're excited about this concept, and about a new great neighborhood hangout and music venue.

The concept of the Public House is modeled after traditional English public houses - a place for the community to gather, share stories and gossip, laugh, and arrange mutual help within the community.  According to their website, the mission of the Riverwest Public House is "Building Community, one drink at a time!"  They'll be providing a "welcoming social meeting place", providing "a variety of affordable local, organic and/or delicious beers, ciders and spirits", and will "raise funds to propagate other cooperatives through the Riverwest Cooperative Alliance".

You can find out more about the Riverwest Public House on their website, including info about become a coop member and benefits thereof.

It's businesses like these that make me love living in the city... in THIS city!


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