A Lesson in Blogging

To my Faithful Readers:  (all 5 of you)

I never really figured that anyone outside of my friends and family would care much about or read my meanderings here on the blog.  I never had a particularly grandiose vision.  Nor did I imagine that I'd somehow become a "professional blogger" due to my efforts here.  I simply wanted a place to share some random musings from my life.

Because I never figured anyone would care, I made the blog public and left commenting open to anyone.  In recent days, however, someone has taken to posting some unkind words here.  Therefore, I've decided to begin moderating all comments before they're posted.

I generally try to abide by the "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything" rule.  I hope for others to do the same.  At the same time, I do enjoy a spirited debate.  Wanna disagree with me?  Great!  Let's Discuss!  ...of course, in order to have a conversation of well reasoned arguments, we need to know who each other are....



  1. Seriously??? That just sucks!!!

    I mean really...why be negative and mean-spirited? It wastes your life!


  2. okay, that just bites the big one!! honestly people this isn't the sandbox ... can't we all play nice?

    if you have a negative comment or thought, just move on to the next blog ... you are not required to stay and certainly not required to leave your thoughts about it.

    keep on keeping on rach ... i love what you do here!

  3. whatajerk.

    all I can say...is karma will take care of them!

  4. I've never understood what "trolls" are trying to accomplish by posting mean-spirited things. We have that occasionally over at Burp!... and I'm always amazed by the energy some people expend spreading ill thoughts. Fortunately, it's counter-acted ten-fold by the people who spend their time spreading kindness & appreciation for the work you're doing.

    On the upside, if you're doing anything at all that inspires ire, it generally means you're doing good work. You're making someone think -- and you're hitting a chord. In Creamy City Green's case, you can be sure that's happening. And it's a Very Good Thing.