Local Firms honored for being Green

On Monday, Newsweek published it's Green Rankings 2010 listing the 100 Greenest Companies in America.  Many of the top firms on this list are in the technology sector, including Dell (no. 1),  Hewlett Packard (no. 2), and Yahoo! (no. 9).

The rankings begin with the 500 largest publicly traded companies in the country.  Each company is ranked according to its Environmental Impact Score (including metrics like greenhouse-gas emissions and water use), Green Politics Score (an assessment of a company's environmental policies and initiatives), and the Reputation Score (based on the opinion of folks in the eco world).

Two local companies are furthering Milwaukee's reputation for sustainability by their impressive placements on the list.

Johnson Controls, based in downtown Milwaukee, ranked no. 14 on the overall Green Score.  Impressively, they garnered the number one ranking in the Consumer Products industry for their Green Policies and Performance. More information about environmental sustainability at Johnson Controls is here.

Retail chain Kohl's nipped right at the heels of Johnson Controls with a number 3 ranking in their Green Policies and Performance within the Retail sector, and a number 3 ranking in overall Green Score for the Retail sector.  You can learn more about Kohl's environmental commitment at http://www.kohlsgreenscene.com/

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